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Cal Does Life X SC Hoodie

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A Message From Cal About The Piece : Hello there! Here it is our depiction of digression. If you have watched one of my videos you will know I tend to digress A LOT. Something I always had mixed feelings about as I was unsure if people would find it annoying or off-putting, but I decided to keep it in my videos as I always wanted to create an authentic experience. There is no character, I just act myself and want it all to feel like a conversation with a friend. There were times were I would apologise in my videos as I felt I would go off topic to much, but so many of the lovely community we have created on the channel reached out to say they always enjoyed the way I tend to digress.

So feeling validated from the kind words, I began exploring the concept of digression in visual form. To capture what digression looks like to me. I looked at many art forms from Surrealism to water color paintings to build a base for what resonated with me. I told my childhood friend, Josh (co-owner of Seperate Collection) about my passion project and he invited me to his studio to help bring my concepts to life. I don’t think he expected me to take it so seriously (sorry Josh) but I felt I needed to get closure on my thoughts of digression and bring it to life once and for all. Now I will not bore you with the whole story as there was many hours spent where Josh had his head in his hands and myself frantically pointing at a whiteboard explaining my many contrasting ideas. However somewhere in the chaos of trying to capture digression in visual form we created art that really resonated with me. I felt so validated to have something that is such a large part of my personality in visual form for me to look at.

The Face represents you.
The Flowers blossoming out of the face represent the ideas which we form and create.
The Butterfly represents the real essence of digression, it came from the flowers but took its own form, becoming its own seperate thought.
The text ‘The World Is Ours’ was chosen to reinforce this art. I believe with our minds we can make our thoughts a reality.

I am very honoured that Josh and The Seperate Collection Team offered to put my design on a hoody for myself and members of the community who resonate with the art and wish to own it in apparel form.

Thank You To, Josh, The SC Team & My Lovely Community

- Cal